Air Mail Commemorative


1931, June 17
Designed by Stephen Papazian. Engraved and recess printed by the Institut de Gravure, Paris.
Sheet of 50 (10 x 5) of 1g to 8g and 25 (5 x 5) of 1t to 5t. Perforated 12½.
Scott: C11-17. Stanly Gibbons: 296-302. Michel: 169-175. Yvert: L11-L17.
299 1 g Orange
a. Imperforate                              
300 2 g Blue
a. Imperforate
301 4 g Violet
a. Imperforate
302 8 g Blue green
a. Imperforate
b. Perforated 11
303 1 t Brown
a. Imperforate
304 2 t Rose red
a. Imperforate
305 3 t Green  
1. Sold on June 17 with the first air mail use on June 18 on a flight to Djibouti.
2. The inscriptions in Amharic read: "The airplane-eagle of Tafari (Haile Selassie)" and the date August 18, 1929 which was the day of the landing of the first Ethiopian Government airplane at Addis Abeba.


Reprint Identification:
Slight color differences (more yellow) useable with a comparison set; the 1 g and 2t are difficult to distinguish. Positive identification can be made under magnification by the surface ink which is dull and granular on the originals and heavy and shiny, often with a flat, caked surface, on the reprints.
299R 1 g Orange (slightly yellowish)                    
300R 2 g Grayish blue  
301R 4 g Reddish violet  
302R 8 g Yellowish blue green  
303R 1 t Yellowish brown  
304R 2 t Rose red (slightly orange)  
305R 3 t Yellowish green  
1. A few reprints are found cancelled with fake or post-war cancels.

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