Akaki Radio Station


1935, January 31 - Unissued
Prepared by a rubber handstamp in red or black on individual stamps affixed to presentation cards or philatelic covers. Overprinted (or cancelled) on the 1931 Definitive Issue.
306A 1/8 g
a. Inverted
Issue unknown
307A ¼ g
a. Inverted
308A ½ g  
309A 1 g  
310A 2 g  
311A 4 g  
312A 8 g  
313A 1 t  
314A 3 t  
315A 5 t  
306A - 315A 1/8 g to 5 t Presentation Booklet   
1. To comemorate the inauguration of the first Ethiopian radio station in Akaki. The overprint translates: "By Haile Selassie I, King of Kings of Ethiopia, 31 January 1935, T.S.F. Inauguration."
2. Akaki is in the hills just outside of Addis Abeba. In the 1960s this was the only Ethiopian Government radio station with primarily Amharic broadcasts. Occasional broadcasts were done in English, Somali, and other local languages. A second radio station was in operation run by Christian missionaries with mostly religious programming in local languages.
3. It is not certain if thes is an overprint or a commorative cancel. The known covers have the overprint applied after the stamps were affixed. The covers do not appear to have been traveled.
4. Presentation booklet: Amharic and French inscriptions with a view of the radio station. Cover, black printing on blue; inside, cream color. 

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