1936 Croix Rouge Issue

Croix Rouge
1936 – Unissued
Ordered for charity stamps to support the Ethiopian Red Cross. Printed by photogravure by Courvoisier S. A., La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland in sheet of 50 stamps (10 x 5). Perforated 11½. 
325 5c + 5c Green 5,000,000
326 10c + 10c Red
a. "Moon" on shoulder (po 36)
327 25c + 25c Blue 3,000,000
328 50c + 50c Brown 2,000,000
329 1t + 1t Violet 2,000,000
1. Not issued in unoverprinted condition. The stamps arrived in Djibouti a few days after the occupation of Addis Abeba by the Italians. A portion was sold to philatelists in Djibouti where the balance was held until after the Liberation.
2. The Ethiopian Government in Gore used small quantities.
3. After the Liberation the stamps were sent to Addis Abeba where they later received three overprints: Victory (1945), Red Cross Fund (1950-1951), and Red Cross Silver Jubilee (1960).

Gore Crosses
1936 – Unissued
For use by the Ethiopian Government in the town of Gore. Overprint on Croix Rouge issue in pairs with small red cross on one stamp and large red cross on the adjoining stamp. Crosses may be at top or bottom as the sheets appear to have been fed in both directions during printing.
325A 5c + 5c Green (pair) .
326A 10c + 10c Red (probably exists)  
327A 25c + 25c Blue (pair)  
328A 50c + 50c Brown (pair) .
329A 1t + 1t Violet (pair) .
1. With the fall of Addis Abeba to the Italians on May 5, 1936 the Ethiopian Government moved to the town of Gore in the western mountains of Ilubabor. The Italians captured Gore on November 26, 1936.
2. To demonstrate that Ethiopia had not surrendered letters using these stamps were sent to European leaders and stamp dealers. A special cancel for Gore was used with dates about October 1, 1936. These letters were enclosed in a second envelope and mailed from the Sudan using Sudanese stamps. No traveled covers of this issue are known.

D: M: B:
1936 ? – unissued
Handstamped on Croix Rouge issue in light blue at the bottom of the stamp. The overprint measures 11½mm long.
326B 10c + 10c Red .
328B 50c + 50c Brown .
1. The overprint translates D: M: B:. The handstamp may have been the initials of Dedjazmatch Mesfin Bezabih, a rebel leader in the province of Gojjam.
2. The 1t + 1t exists with Amharic M: B: written sideways in blue-green ink, 13mm x 4mm.

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