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This was my third trip with John and David of Zion's Watchmen. We revisited some prime sites with baptism in the Jordan, Masada, the Temple Mount, the Holocaust museum, Shilo, the US Embassy in Jerusalem, and some secret locations. I highly recommend everything but the jet lag. We did use two buses for the 50+ on the trip, with the small bus carrying those from Fresno and the mountains above.



The number one highlight were the pilgrims on the tour. The joy of the Lord was with us.


Before I left I wrote a story about the Centurion who directed the Crucifixion. There I stood on a Muslim grave on the possible site of Golgotha. Commentary and more photos have been added to the Centurion.


The small bus detoured into the hills of Samaria in the West Bank, sponsored by HaYovel. This rocky spot had laid barren for two thousand years, but, "Again you will plant vineyards on the hills of Samaria; the farmers will plant them and enjoy their fruit." (Jeremiah 31:5) There we were handed clippers to prune the grapevines... in fulfillment of an impossible prophecy. About 100 acres are now producing fruit and a winery.


Yad Vashem - On my first trip to Israel I visited the Holocaust museum... and left in a rare depressed mood. On my second trip I waited outside. This time I went in again and understood I would not be standing in Israel without the Holocaust. The Jews were separated, their lands and possessions stolen, and many lives sacrificed. The survivors had no place to go... except to a barren land the British called the Palestine Mandate. The Balfour Declaration said: Go. One can still feel the energy of the re-gathering.


Again, this is about the fellow travelers, so emphasis on brothers and sisters. Presented in random order with few location shots.


Let's get warmed up with a little video - Hava Nagila on the Sea of Galilee.






David enjoying a bit of chocolate


Wes and John

Ken, Willie, and Wes on the Sea of Galilee


My Armenian Brothers


Filming at Capernaum


Where Jesus walked at Magdala


Muslim burials against Temple Mount.


Garden of Gethsemane


Who has the biggest smile?


Willie is a little taller










Mount of Olives


Church of the Holy Sepulcher