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Melotti Brewery was established in 1939 in Asmara, Eritrea by Italian engineer Luigi Melotti. Soon after Eritrea was occupied by the British in 1941. They were thirsty, too and the brewery thrived. They added a wide assortment of liquors including the local favorite, zibib. In 1962 Ethiopia "annexed" Eritrea when the British withdrew, and some of the labels indicate Asmara, Ethiopia. During the following hard times of revolution the Melotti family kept the brewery going. They lost it when the new Eritrean government nationalized it. Later it became independent again and renamed the Asmara Brewery. Lift your glasses high.



I lived in Asmara in 1961 to 1963. Some time was spent imbibing Melotti beer, usually warm. I also visited the brewery where I acquired an assortment of labels shown below.



Labels collected on a brewery tour in 1963




Other labels from various periods