Doig's Den


Ken and Linda Doig


Bass Lake, California

Ken Doig's Scratchings

Somewhere in a hazy past one of my teachers said, "You'll never be a writer." I have tried to pick up the gauntlet.


BIBLICAL ARCHAEOLOGY - Some published technical works on the dating of scripture.


NUMBER 55 - A family tale of culinary indiscretion. Read this if you require a smile.

PARROT FEVER - Another family tale of pet ownership. It wasn't funny at the time.


THE LOW ROAD - A true ghost story set in Scotland at the Dog home kennel at Doune. The names have been changed to protect the obvious.

BILLY - Published in Standard, November 17, 1996. For anyone with an opinion on abortion.

RUST - A short short. Don't go there.


MID STREAM - Short and not so sweet. Reflections on growing old.


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