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You are connected to Ken and Linda Doig at Bass Lake, California. I am a retired purchasing agent, having worked for FMC FoodTech in Madera, Sunrise Medical (Quickie wheel chairs) in Fresno, Vendo (vending machines) in Fresno, and Ampex (video equipment) in Redwood City. Linda is retired from teaching Special Education for the Merced County Office of Education. Son Brian graduated from UC Fresno with a degree in computer science and has been a game designer for Disney and others.


DOG Family History - The "official" web site for DOIG, DOEG, DOIGE, DOIGG, and DOEGG genealogy. The Dog family originated in the Vale of Menteith in Perthshire, Scotland, with the earliest reference in 1263. Although many of us remain in Scotland, primarily around Dundee, we have scattered to America, Australia, Canada, England, New Zealand, and South Africa.


Ken and Linda's Genealogy - Tracing some lines with ALTMAN, DOIG, JOHNSON, KOONTZ (KOONS), PIEPER, ROBBIE, and TURNER.


BIBLICAL STUDIES - A study in the accuracy and chronology of Scripture. Yes, it did happen, and now you will know when.


WRITING - Ken Doig's Scratchings. Not the answers to the meaning of life, but they help make my life meaningful to me. Tales of horror and humor.


PHOTO ALBUM - You can't have family history without dragging out the photo album. Here are a few of me in scattered places and personalities.


DOIG'S ETHIOPIA STAMP CATALOGUE - For the specialized specialist.
Other interests include travel (about 50 countries visited), stamp collecting (Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan), antiques (Africana, Staffordshire pottery, stuff), and weeding the garden. Well, weeding ranks above taking out the garbage.

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Last update: June 14, 2019